For the month of February we again chose to donate to Franklin County Veterans affairs. We are committed in our continued support of our veterans and are grateful for the services Franklin County Veterans Affairs provide.

For the month of January we donated $1,490 to Greencastle Antrim Education Foundation to assist in the construction of a ticket booth and restrooms at the local school district.

1/26/2020- For the month of December we felt the continued support of our veterans was necessary. We chose to donate $1,200 to Mission 22 in appreciation for the services they provide.

12/2/2020- For the months of October and November we chose to make a donation to the Franklin County Veterans Affairs. Per our usual $10 for every RV sold we were able to donate a total of $2,900.

10/5/2020- For the month of September we decided to donate to the Rescue Hose Co. No. 1 of Greencastle PA. We appreciate the tremendous efforts they provide to keep our community safe.

9/9/2020- We did $10 per RV sold as our normal charity donation, in the months of June, July, and August to Save a Vet save a Pet for a total of $7,980.

6/1/2020- We were able to raise $1,900 to assist the Greencastle Senior High School students with their graduation! They will be able to use this money to help celebrate their graduation however they see fit!

5/26/2020- We wanted to keep you updated on everything going on right now! So far we have been able to raise $1360 to assist the Greencastle Senior High School students with their graduation (again, they will determine how the money is used.)

5/13/202- UPDATE IN RESPECT TO THE MONEY BEING DONATED TO HELP GREENCASTLE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS WITH THEIR GRADUATION:  We are strictly adhering to the Governor & Secretary of Health's "orders."  In April, we were only able to sell 8 units, however, since restrictions have slightly relaxed we have been able to sell another 41 units in May.  We are still not able to have sales customers on the lot as all RV sales must be conducted virtually at this time.  That being said, as of now, we have managed to raise $490 to help assist the High School Seniors in whatever way they choose to apply it towards their graduation.

4/30/2020- For the months of April & May, Keystone RV Center will be donating $10 for each unit sold (or I guess ALLOWED to be sold by the Governor) to assist with the costs associated with the Greencastle Antrim High School Graduation, which they so richly deserve. We will be updating our page weekly with a running tally to keep everyone aware of our progress. We ask that parent groups and/or the student body themselves decide when and where to hold the graduation.

4/21/2020- We are now dedicating Tuesday and Thursday from 7am-8am for high-risk and elderly service and parts customers. We have designated that time to only those groups but understand that may not work for all instances for our customers in those groups, so if needed we can make special arrangements for those groups before/after normal hours to accommodate on a case by case basis. We ask that all customers that are not in these groups avoid these times as we are limiting interactions not only in general, but ESPECIALLY at these times. Thank you. 

4/20/2020- Our best interpretation of today's guidance is that online sales are allowable, but in person sales are not. This means we are not allowed to have sales customers on the lot to look. We are monitoring the situation closely and will update as we have more information available. We are currently waiting on our final shipment of sneeze guards (expected to arrive tomorrow) and we believe that may be the final piece of the CDC/PA DEPT OF HEALTH guidance for the sales office. We will be ready when we are allowed.

We appealed to the state of Pennsylvania to allow us to sell only to doctors, nurses, active military, hospitals and FEMA in a virtual manner only, meaning zero interaction, no sales associates on the lot and to deliver to the above individuals, following all CDC protocol and guidelines. This morning we received our determination from the state, which was NO! We cannot comprehend this decision, this doesn't make any sense at all.  

We provided real world instances that we have experienced, for instance, a doctor wanted to self quarantine at his home, away from his family to protect them and we are commanded to tell him no! Also, this week we had an individual in active military status being sent to California, she has an asthmatic daughter and wants an RV as to not expose her to numerous hotels and unsafe environments, we also are being commanded to say NO! 
Please help! We are not asking for a full sales force and hundreds of people roaming our lot. We want to do our part to help health care workers, military and hospitals/municipalities and are being told no!? 
Please call Governor Tom Wolfe at 717-787-2500 and ask why this is the case?  
We ALL need to stay safe. Allow us to help the people out there who are risking their lives and want to protect their families.

Keystone RV Center puts an immense amount of value on our employees safety, concerns and opinions. For this reason, we have decided to let our employees decide whether or we will close this weekend. These are stressful times and we feel that our employees have the right to decide whether or not they need time to decompress from the current stresses.  
It is difficult for us to mandate that an employee that needs income be forced to no longer come into work, this is why we have left the decision to employee discretion.  
Our employees have decided that they need time to decompress from this situation, so we will be closed this Saturday & Sunday (March 28 & 29.) 
We will reopen our Parts and Service department on Monday (March 30,) pending employee discretion. Our sales office will remain closed per the Governors mandate.

In regards to the mandatory closure of all "non-life sustaining" businesses in the state of PA, Keystone would like to make the following statement. 

Like you, we are not entirely sure whether or not we fall into the category of life sustaining since many individuals and families live in RV's. We are doing our best to understand how to comply with the regulations that have recently come upon us all. 
We also feel the need to service our customers and that we fall into a gray area of life sustaining or non life sustaining. A few weeks ago we implemented a liberal leave policy for all employees, giving our employees the option to come in or stay home. 
We are erring on the side of caution and compliance. Our sales department will close until we are told we are allowed to resume business. We understand that this can cause disruption, but this is our current interpretation of the mandate by Governor Wolf of PA.
Currently, this is our interpretation of the orders and we feel that service and parts for those that depend on their RVs for daily life need not be abandoned. Our service and parts department will remain open, subject to employees choosing to come in or not. 
We ask any and all customers with service appointments and people visiting our parts store to do so for pickup or for safety related issues including the following: Propane, AC/Heat, Water Intrusion, Safety Inspection, Water Heaters, Electrical issues or any other safety related issues.
To be blunt, we appreciate all of our customers, but a crooked piece of trim can wait.
We are monitoring the situation at hand and are ready to help and conform in any way. California has started to purchase travel trailers to house Doctors, Nurses and other medical staff at hospitals and medical centers. We plan on having at least a parts and service department ready and willing to assist if PA decides to follow this as well.  
Again, these are unprecedented times and we are trying to balance everything as best we can. If we are told the "right" way to do things, we will do it. Right now, we are all guessing.
Personal Plea- If there are any state appointed officials that can offer clarity on this development and offer us the guidance and information as to how to proceed, since we are in a gray area, please call us at 717-597-0939.
God Bless All & God Bless America 
Keystone RV Center has decided to give back to the community in 2020 by donating to a different charity each quarter!  We will donate $10 for every RV sold during that quarter to the charity or cause we have chosen!  
We are still giving back! Keystone RV Center just made our first quarterly donations for 20202 in the amount of $3,300 to Mission 22.

Mission 22 is a non-profit who combats the ever-rising veteran suicide rate. Every day, more than twenty veterans are lost to suicide. Mission 22 wants to bring that number to zero. It does this with three main programs; veteran treatment programs, memorials and national awareness. Mission 22 provides treatment programs to veterans for Post-Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury and other issues they might be facing. It organizes events and builds memorials to create social impact and awareness for these issues. Mission 22 serves combat veterans, those injured in training who therefore could not deploy and victims of MST. Mission 22 also has an Ambassador volunteer program for people to get involved as well. Ambassadors educate the public on veteran issues, help get veterans into Mission 22 treatment programs and create resources in their communities. Through these three programs, it enables a push for the betterment of our nation's heroes and stands united in the war against veteran suicide.

Keystone RV MEGA Center is conveniently located in Greencastle, PA, perfect for patrons from PA, MD, WV, VA, DC, NJ, DE, OH, and NY. We have been independently owned and operated for over 30 years. Keystone RV Center has over 325 years of combined recreational vehicle expertise, ready to provide you with personal attention in rv sales, rv parts, rv service, as well as manufacturer and appliance warranties. Our success has been built on putting customers first, not high-pressure sales tactics. While many RV dealers strive to be #1, we know it's our customers that are #1. Stop by Keystone RV Center and browse our Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, Toy Haulers, and Motor Homes! Our knowledgeable friendly sales staff will be more than glad to answer your camper questions.

Set your mind at ease with our factory certified sales consultants, parts associates, warranty and service technicians. Our Keystone staff has had rigorous training in all aspects of RV's including, Pop Up Tent Campers, Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers, Hybrids, Class A motor homes, Class B motor homes (Camper Vans), Class C Motor homes, as well as camper education and maintenance.

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